In 2006 a handful of students began assembling in prayer to petition heaven for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would ignite Auburn’s campus with revival. They started with prayer on campus, then grew to assemble in dorms, houses and coffee shops. After two years they began asking the Lord to send them “seasoned” leadership to take over the efforts and pioneer a base of intercession and revival.

In the fall of 2008, God sent Justin and Rachel Eldred from Northern California (Auburn alumni, 2002), to oversee the house of prayer and mobilize a larger collective of students to pray and fast for revival. The Eldred’s committed themselves to hours of intercession, ministry on campus and equipping believers from all walks of life to live a radical life in the Word and power of the Spirit.

Since 2008 AHOP has grown in scope and scale establishing a downtown prayer room, hosting numerous ministry events, guest speakers, worship nights, revival services, international student outreaches, equipping schools, all-night prayer, prophetic art nights and multi-year discipleship opportunities. With a heart for revival not only in Auburn but also around the world the Eldred’s are in the process of launching an on-line network and training community (APEX) to connect alumni, collegiate and city-wide prayer rooms and ministries to partner together for global harvest and missions.

Today, AHOP is recognized as an official church and House of Prayer / HUB in the city of Auburn, continuing weekly in intercession and equipping. We currently meet in homes and on campus for fellowship, prayer, breaking of bread, instruction in the Word of God and mission. (Acts 2:24